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Breakfast on the Beach Lodge prides itself for maintaining and monitoring an environmentally friendly policy. It is recognised for providing exceptional 5 star accommodation without compromise to the environment.

The lodge is only 30 metres from a beachfront that supports an extensive variety of wildlife making it essential that the Lodge operates without any impact on the local environment. The Lodge was purpose built with environmental friendly facilities without compromise to luxurious accommodation.

Environmental systems include:
  • Breakfast on the Beach Lodge is purpose built and designed on conservation principles for heat, light and energy.
  • The solar powered water heating uses the latest technology in evacuated tube systems (APRICUS) to maximise the efficiency of hot water production.
  • All wastewater is treated and reintroduced to the environment within the confines of the Lodge site and must meet strict purification standards to enable safe disposal. The wastewater system uses an Oasis Texass recirculating textile filter system with UV treatment to ensure water quality. Wastewater is metered and tested to ensure water standards are maintained.
  • All herbs and most vegetables needed for the guests are grown on site and cultivated using the lodge's own composting system (Bokashi Compost-zing system).
  • There is a strong emphasis on sourcing all food from the local environment, including seafood within a few kilometres of the lodge.
  • All household cleaners are highly biodegradable and are made from sustainable resources.
  • Maximum efforts are made to ensure all waste is treated and fed back into the land or recycled.
  • We endeavour to employ only local goods & services.
  • Guests have free use of kayaks and pushbikes to better enable access to the unique nature trails on Waiheke Island and its estuaries without the use of motorised vehicles.

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